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A Will is essential if you want the money and other property you own to go to your loved ones. If you don’t make a will (you are ‘intestate’) and your estate will be distributed under intestacy rules which could mean your spouse may not get all your estate; if you are unmarried, your partner will not have an automatic right to inherit and your children may not inherit what you would have specifically wanted them to have.

It also means that your family will have to sort these issues out – at a time when they perhaps least need such a burden and the stress associated with it. At CLS we make sure that you understand the options available to you and that your wishes are fully reflected in your will. We do so in with a friendly, sensitive, caring and relaxed, approach, which reflects the firms general ethos and at a very reasonable cost.

When you’ve lost someone close to you, it can be overwhelming and you have enough to deal with without having to sort out their finances – it is likely to be the last thing on your mind.

We understand that at CLS and endeavour to support those affected in the best way possible – not least by obtaining Probate and Executing the Will quickly, effectively and cost efficiently to allow the family of the deceased to focus on grieving and moving forward without the worry of having to administer such matters.