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In every relationship whether that be husband and wife, parent and child, Grandparent and Grandchild we can all face challenging issues affecting the family and its dynamics.

Those in the Family Department understand that and do not underestimate the emotional impact of such issues on everyone involved. The way we deal with each client is underpinned by this knowledge and we endeavour to deal with each client in a caring, empathic, approachable and professional manner where the needs and wishes of the client are the primary driver of our efforts.

We want the client to feel in control and to that end ensure they know of and fully understand all the options available so that they can make informed decisions. We never judge a client’s decisions or choices. Client care and satisfaction is our priority and to that end we encourage clients to feel that they can contact us at any time so they never feel that they are on their own with their problems. Experience has taught us that if something is going to worry or upset our clients it can often happen out of office hours.

We take the view that if a phone call will reassure a client,  then we would rather they contact us than spend countless hours worrying (probably unnecessarily). A happy client is our goal and we are passionate about giving 100% to achieve that.